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Benefits of Getting Claim Assistance

Getting claim assistance from a licensed public adjuster can ease your burden, prove your losses, increase your final settlement from your insurance company, and more. Below is a quick overview of some of the benefits you can expect when we're on the job:

  • Faster insurance settlements – We are often able to expedite insurance claims due to our ability to fill out claims forms completely and accurately. Extensive supporting photos and written documentation all presented to your insurance company the way the insurance industry is accustomed to receiving it can also result in a faster settlement.
  • Fewer questions (and delays) from your insurance company – Because our insurance industry expertise results in pristine paperwork, insurance companies rarely have questions or need clarification. This results in fewer delays right from the beginning.
  • Comprehensive damage assessments – We're committed to finding every possible loss you have suffered no matter how minor it may seem. By finding all losses and documenting everything, we make sure that you claim everything that you're entitled to claim under your insurance policy's terms.
  • Accurate estimates – Not only do we search for all possible losses to claim, we make sure compensation for those claims is based on accurate, real world estimates.
  • Higher settlements – Our attention to detail and commitment to you can lead to a higher settlement from your insurance company. By finding every bit of damage, claiming all losses, supporting the claims with irrefutable proof, and using accurate estimates, your settlement could be significantly higher than initially proposed by your insurance company.

Perhaps most important of all, our claim assistance allows you to sleep at night knowing that an insurance professional is looking out for your best interests.