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What type of claim help do you offer?

We offer comprehensive insurance claim help for policyholders throughout South Texas. Whether you need help filling in claims forms, documenting the damage, estimating losses, or disputing an insurance denial, we are dedicated to providing the help you need.

What is a public adjuster compared to an insurance claims adjuster?

Public adjusters and insurance claims adjusters share many similarities. We are both insurance professionals who specialize in estimating (adjusting) insurance losses; we are both licensed by the Texas insurance department; and we are both dedicated to performing our duties professionally and responsibly. However, public adjusters serve the general public (consumers like you) while insurance claims adjusters typically serve insurance companies.

How do I know you can help me resolve my insurance claim?

We offer a free insurance claim review and consultation where we'll take a look at your claim and explain the type of claim assistance we can offer.

Will my insurance agent be upset with me for getting my own adjuster?

Not likely. While you may have a nice relationship with your insurance agent, agents don't generally get involved in the nitty gritty details of claims adjusting. Your agent wants you to be happy with your insurance service, and a public adjuster can help you reach a satisfactory agreement with the insurance company.

Won't it be uncomfortable to have two insurance adjusters involved?

Not at all. Claims adjusters are accustomed to working with public adjusters and often welcome our help. After all, we make their jobs even easier thanks to our thorough approach and adherence to insurance industry customs.